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A brief history of the Kimberley Boys' High School

boys high schoolThe school opened as the PUBLIC UNDENOMINATIONAL SCHOOLS at 9h00 on 12 April 1887 and moved into the Lanyon Terrace buildings in July 1888. These buildings now house the Kimberley Teachers' Centre. The present KHS buildings were designed by architect D. W. Greatbach and were occupied in 1914, with the official opening on 23 March 1914. The school catered for both primary and secondary education until Kimberley Boys' Junior School was opened in July 1970. KBJS then amalgamated with Belgravia Junior School for girls in January 1977 to form Kimberley Junior School.

Between 1974 and 1976 extensive modernisation took place in the school when the Science Labs and Woodwork Rooms were added.

Francis Oats House was opened in 1921 and named after the Chairman of De Beers who had recently died. Bishop's Hostel (opened in 1930) was previously owned by the Anglican Church and catered for primary and secondary school learners at KHS and CBC. The KHS Trust (which is mostly an investment from money bequeathed by Stephenson) took it over in 1981 and it became the Junior Secondary Hostel with Francis Oats House housing the senior boys. In 1990 Bishop's Hostel was no longer viable as a hostel.  The Bishop's Hostel Complex now houses staff and "The George", named after Canon George Pressley.

The Memorial Library was opened in 1957 as a monument to Old Boys who died in the wars and subsequent action.



Kimberley Boys' High School Mission Statement

“We at Kimberley Boys' High School sanction the belief in a balanced, all-round, non-discriminatory education, based on the fundamental traditions of our school and hold the provision of such education as our highest goal.

Our primary concern is to respect each learner as an individual who has the right to express himself and exercise his options within a disciplined framework of care and understanding.

In striving to achieve our goal, we will promote and foster: