Date: 2018-01-24 12:09:55

Dear Parents

Welcome back to all the staff & boys. This year we are focusing on improving the quality of pass and increasing the number of distinctions.


Please note that we currently do not have fax or email facilities. The problem was reported to Telkom in December, they are attending to it, but have not been able to resolve the problem.

Methods of communication

Communication is a key aspect to the success of our partnership. These are the methods used to communicate with parents:

Newsletters: 3 newsletters to be sent home each term with the exception of the last term. Please make sure your son gives you the letters. Each newsletter is numbered from 1/2018 to 10/2018.

SMS: SMS messages will be sent to one number per family. An additional number can be added at a cost of R30. Please keep your number updated at all times. You are able to send an SMS to the school by replying to the SMS sent to you.

I would like to encourage you to visit the school’s Facebook page, as well as the school’s webpage

Parent meetings for 2018

Please diarize these dates for meetings this year.

Tuesday 23 January 18:00 Grade 9-11 parent meeting

Wednesday 24 January 18:00 Grade 8 parent meeting

Thursday 25 January 18:00 Grade 12 parent meeting

Wednesday 21 February 18:00 Bachelor’s and Tertiary Studies

Wednesday 14 March 18:00 Parent component SGB elections

Saturday 14 April Meet the teachers and discuss your son’s results

Wednesday 2 May 18:00 What do I need to know about drugs?

Saturday 5 May Mother son breakfast

Wednesday 13 June 18:00 Strict children or strict parent

Saturday 9 June Father son breakfast

Saturday 21 July Meet the teachers and discuss your son’s results

Wednesday 1 August 18:00 Social media

Wednesday 5 September 18:00 Barriers to learning

Saturday 13 October Meet the teachers and discuss your son’s results

Monday 29 October 18:00 Annual General Meeting

Absenteeism and late for school

Absenteeism and arriving late for school will not be tolerated by the school. The procedure for lateness and absenteeism is that a letter explaining your son’s absence MUST be sent the day after his absence. If your son is going to be late for school please send an SMS or call the office to inform the school of the problem.

Signing out

Parents are reminded about the amendments to South African Schools Act 84 of 1996. The amendments pertain to: Regulations For Safety Measures at Public Schools. These amendments govern the release of students who wish to go home early from school, either from illness or appointments. Please read these carefully:

“Early release" from school

8(G)(1) A public school must have an early release procedure that allows parents or designated persons to collect learners from school early.

A public school must keep a written record to be used in cases of early release that indicates-

the name of the learner;

the grade of the learner;

the name of the person collecting the learner; and

the time, date and purpose of the early release.

If the learner is to be collected by a person designated by a parent -

that person must produce proof of such designation;

the public school must ensure that the designated person is known to the learner; and

the public school must take measures to contact the parent of a learner if there is any doubt about the identity of the person collecting the learner.”

Drop-off Zone

We would like to remind parents that learners may not be dropped off or fetched from inside the school grounds. Learners may use the pedestrian gates and wait for their parents outside the school property. Learners must be fetched and dropped off at the Dalham Road or Memorial Road gate.

Safety in the afternoons

If you collect your son late in the afternoon, please encourage him to make use of the school library and to sit inside the school grounds where it is safer. There have been isolated incidents where boys have been mugged in the late afternoon outside the school gates. In summer the main school gate only gets closed just after 5pm when the swimming lessons are completed.


We took leave of Mr Mohapanele at the end of 2017. He will be replaced by the NCDoE as soon as the District Director has signed the forms.

Congratulations to Mr Chikonamombe who completed his PGCE at the end of last year.

We take leave of two staff members who will be going on early retirement due to ill health.

Mrs Winnie Macomo has served the school as a cleaner in the hostel since 1984 and retires at the end of January. Winnie will be remembered fondly by the many FOH boarders.

Mrs Bosman was appointed as secretary in 1997. She was the friendly lady and mother to all the boys, at the reception, who knew all the ins and outs of the school. In the short time that she has been off sick, we have realized the wealth of knowledge regarding the school that she possessed. Mrs Bosman, you are already missed!

We wish both Mrs Macumo and Mrs Bosman a speedy recovery and an enjoyable retirement.


Curriculum Road Show

School will be dismissed at 13:00 on Wednesday 24 January and Wednesday 31 January due to teacher training on these days. Please make the necessary transport arrangements.

Assessment program

The assessment program was sent out with reports at the end of the year. Please ensure that you follow up on what is expected of your son. The first cycle test will be written at the beginning of February. Timetables will be sent out with newsletter 2/2018.

Subject changes

No subject changes will be made after the following dates:

Grade12 15 December 2017 (Sorry too late now!)

Grade 11 Tuesday 30 January 2018

Grade 10 Wednesday 18 July 2018 (all changes should take place by 30 June)

Matric Results

There was an improvement in the Matric results from 2016 in both percentage pass and number of bachelor’s degree passes. Here are the statistics:

Pass percentage 94,6% (70 out of 74)

Bachelor’s pass 69%

Subject Distinction 24

Our top candidates were Joaval Riet 5 distinctions, Lindokuhle Lubisi 4 distinctions, Thabo Motaung 4 distinctions and Lebogang Kaziwa 3 ditinctions

You made us proud Class of 2017!

School diaries

All the grade 8s and 9s who bought a book pack have received a school diary. The school ordered a few extra, these may be purchased from the front office at a cost of R50, 00.


Entry money for Olympiads should be paid to the front office and the receipt shown to the teacher in charge. Please see the Olympiad entry fees, dates and their respective closing date for entries below:

Olympiad Date Cost Closing date Teacher

Physical OR Life Sciences 01 March R 25 26 January Ms Meza/ Mr Mtileni

Natural Sciences 10 May R 10 26 January Mrs Fredericks / Mr Mtileni

Mathematics 14 March R 22 01 February Mrs Moses

English 06 March R140 Entries closed Mrs Boachie-Yiadom

Accounting 16 May R 50 25 April Ms Damons



The inter-house gala will be held at the school pool on Friday, 26 January 2018. The gala will take 2 hours out of the school day. The remainder of the school day will be normal school lessons. Only the boys who are swimming in the gala may wear their sports shorts and house shirts.


Our annual inter-house Athletics will be held at the De Beers Stadium on Tuesday, 30 January 2018. Learners must go directly to the stadium and report at 07:30. The meet will finish at 13:30. Learners may be fetched from the stadium.

Dress code: House shirt & black shorts or

School tracksuit or

School uniform

Please ensure that your son brings sun-block and drinking water with him. A tuck-shop will be available from 9:30.


The extra-curricular program is included with this letter. If your son is involved he will benefit from all that the school has to offer, if not he gains nothing. Please encourage your son to participate.

Changing of the Guard

The Drill Squad will be taking part in the annual Kimberley Regiment Changing of the Guard Parade at the Honoured Dead Memorial on Friday 16th February at 5:30pm. Please come and support our boys and witness the annual reenactment of this historic event.


Cricket got off to a great start this year with our U19 team touring Cape Town in early January. A lot of experience was gained from the tour and our boys are looking forward to the second half of the season. We urge parents to continue supporting us and we are looking forward to exploring the new talent we have in our Grade 8s.

Clothing Shop

The clothing shop will be open Monday to Thursday from 14:00 to 15:00 and on Friday 13:00 to 14:30.


School Fees

Thank you to all the parents who have already paid their school fees for the year. We cannot employ extra teachers, admin staff or pay the Sol Plaatjie accounts without your support. Please make your payments a priority.

School fees for 2018 are R 13 596, 00 per annum.

Bank details: Standard Bank

Branch code – 050002

Account number - 040065316

Good luck for 2018. I trust that this year will be better than the last.

Yours sincerely




22 January 2018