Date: 2019-12-05 12:44:21

Six learners received their Honours blazers at the recently held Prize Giving Ceremony. This is a first for Kimberley Boys' High School.

Five of the six learners play for the first soccer team. They were chosen to be part of the contingent that represented South Africa at the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, in March 2019. The five learners represented the school, the Northern Cape Province and the country superbly. Otlotleng Morake scored the hattrick that secured and facilitated the world cup coming home to South Africa after beating Spain 3:0 in the finals.

Tumo Mothlanke was awarded his Honours Blazer after receiving his Springbok / South African Colours for Land Service. He is an avid and active member of the KHS Phoenix Land Service Club. Tumo fulfilled the requirements of the National Land Service umbrella that required him to take part in many activities including cleaning projects, visiting homes of the disadvantaged elderly and young children. Tumo has cleaned, played games with kids in homes, had a bible session with kids, handed clothing and party packs to kids...just to name a few. His catering to other human beings' needs fulfilled one of the Land Service “loves”, the love of your neighbour. Well done Tumo.

Very well played and congratulations to these deserving young men. Wear your blazers with pride!