Date: 2019-12-05 13:00:04

A first for Kimberley

Kimberley Boys’ High School has become the first school in Kimberley to own an outdoor container gym through a generous grant of R298 138.07 from the National Lotteries Commission. The objective of the purchase is to augment the current gymnasium facilities as part of the school’s sports development. Kimberley Boys’ High School has a number of sporting codes and as such fitness and conditioning facilities are crucial.

Outdoor Training
Outdoor training is the new concept of fitness, with more people preferring to train outdoors. The Container Gymnasium allows the owner to dedicate an outdoor fitness space with a variety of equipment for creating workouts that are constantly varied and challenging, for all age groups and fitness levels. Up to fifty learners will be able to train comfortably in and around the container gymnasium simultaneously! The area around the container gymnasium has been neatly paved by a further generous grant from the KHS Development Trust. The long term plan is to transform the area into a mini multi-sporting complex.

The container boasts state of the art equipment such as power bags and sandbags ranging from 4 to 25 kilograms, classic kettlebells, battle ropes, boxing bags, agility ladders, suspension trainers, adjustable benches, a treadmill, bench press incline, an all-terrain sled, just to mention a few.

Recent Sporting facilities Developments
The school fields have in recent years been revamped with the help of a past National Lotteries Commission grant. The Pavilion received a superb facelift, with funds from school stakeholders such as the KHS Development Trust and Old Boys. This has given a huge boost to the school sport as evidenced by several of the school’s sporting teams’ upward trajectory performance. The growth in the learners enjoying the school sporting facilities means that there are more learners per sporting code that will have access to a fitness facility. The gymnasium container is a cost-effective solution to expand the school fitness facilities without building on and the learners will benefit immensely, working with experienced trainers, from this new addition to the school’s sporting facilities.