Date: 2017-09-07 11:22:10

Kimberley Boys’ High School had the privilege of hosting the 23rd Annual Headmasters' Conference of Traditional Boys' Schools of South Africa from the 23rd to the 25th of August 2017. Twenty-six schools from across South Africa are part of this event that was started in 1995 and has been held annually since then. The aim of this meeting is to discuss a myriad of wide ranging current trends, topical issues in education including sport, academics and tertiary learning. Thus role players who are at the cliff face of the changing education field daily, attend this conference.

The first day of the Conference was held at the Kimberley High School Old Boys' Union Club, "The George" on the 23rd of August. The last two days were held at the Marrick Safari Lodge.

Twenty-two schools were represented at the two and a half day conference:

Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool (Affies)

Dale College

Durban High School

Glenwood High School

Graeme College

Grey Boys’ High School

Highlands North Boys’ High School

Jeppe High School for Boys

King Edwards VIII College

Maritzburg College

Muir College

Northwood School

Paarl Boys’ High School

Parktown Boys’ High School

Paul Roos Gymnasium

Pinetown Boys’ High School

Pretoria Boys’ High School

Queen’s College

Rondebosch Boys’ High School

Selborne College

St Andrew’s School

Westville Boys’ High School

A varied selection of activities and speakers with noteworthy expertise was lined up for the headmasters to guarantee constructive and relevant discussion as well as a memorable gathering.

Here below is the full list of speakers and the topics they spoke on:

The Conference would not have been a success without some stakeholders who agreed to partner with us to ensure its realisation. Once again a hearty thank you to the following organisations:

  1. Minibuses Wanted Michael Pashut
  2. Bid Food Andre.Rheeder
  3. Landzicht Mr Sieg
  4. Price Water House Werner Hauptfleisch
  5. The Guardian Marc Hardwick
  6. KHSOBU Club Jacques Francis

Qualities of a good conference include great speakers, small breaks in between, equipment that works, a well put together programme with balanced activities, of course, good food and drink as well as good accommodation. A feeling of great satisfaction should be the end result. Judging by the positive good feedback given by all the headmasters, we can safely announce that the 23rd Headmasters’ Conference was a roaring success!

Oh, and the Conference Facilitator, David Williams, dubbed it one of the best conferences he has presided over in the last fourteen years. (We failed not to include this…)