Kimberley Boys' High School 


Our promise to education delivery

In our quest to develop well-balanced, complete people, we encourage each individual to reach his full potential and thus gain confidence in himself. We prepare our learners as citizens of a complex country and we thus inculcate an awareness of and respect for others.

As education presumes a climate of care, we train our learners to seek the truth, to have a sense of belonging and, most importantly, to have positive expectations for themselves.

Our highly qualified staff offer 100% service and consequently demand whole-hearted commitment from every boy in a friendly environment rich in vision, productivity, motivation and professionalism.

We have a superb school library, text reproduction facilities, an audio-visual centre and progressive computer facilities, all of which are harnessed in the cause of giving each child the best possible advantages.



Subjects we offer our students

Grade 8 & 9
1 English Home Language 6 Creative Arts (Drama/ Visual Arts/ Music)
2 Afrikaans / Setswana First Additional Language 7 Life Orientation
3 Mathematics 8 Economic Management Sciences
4 Natural Sciences 9 Technology
5 Social Sciences    
Grade 10 - 12
1 English Home Language 5 Life Sciences OR Business Studies OR Engineering Graphics and Design
2 Afrikaans / Setswana First Additional Language 6 Visual Arts OR Geography OR Accounting OR Music
3 Mathematics Literacy OR Mathematics 7 Physical Sciences OR History
4 Life Orientation    




Dress code for students at Kimberley Boys' High School

Compulsory School Uniform: