Kimberley Boys' High School


Extract from KHStory (By Les Moult): A History of the Kimberley Boys' High School, 1887 - 1987

The KHSOBU was officially inaugurated on 29 April 1927, forty years after the founding of the 'Schools'. As a result of a meeting of Old Boys held in the School Hall, there is every certainty that the Old Boys' Union will develop into a strong body full of enthusiasm for the School, jealous of the traditions of its past, interested in its present and ever willing to help towards its continued prosperity.

The following Committee was formed: President, Lt-Col H.S. Harris, OBE; Vice Presidents, M. Hodgson and J.S. Braine; Committee, W. Dickens, D.B. Blacklaws, P.Rigal, L. Herring, L. Browne, W. Starling; Treasurer, R. Farquharson; Secretary, S. Bothomley.

It is expected that many Old Boys' will attend and take part in the School Sports to be held on 31 May, an Old Boys' Dance has been arranged for that evening. The following subscriptions were agreed upon: Town members 10/6 per annum, country members 7/6 and life members 3.3.0 pounds.


Sources of Inspiration

Old boys who took the lead in forming the Union in 1927 and the sub-unions in other regions such as Johannesburg and Cape Town, were men who had been influenced by KHS teachers, in particular Messrs Bezemer, Dick, Stoops, Skellorn, Calder, Newby, Standers, Brune, Brookes, Ashworth and Miss Green and Mrs. Kennedy. In addition the great sporting, tradition that had been built up made Old Boys intensely proud of being associated with the School. The OBU became a focus of expression of this feeling.