Kimberley Boys' High School 


Creating a happy and positive atmosphere for all students

The pastoral department is entrusted with the creation of a happy atmosphere in which each individual can fulfil his potential. We maintain firm discipline with the purpose of developing our learners' self-discipline. We have a tried and tested pastoral system at KHS. Each class has a class teacher and two class representatives who are democratically elected by the learners of the class. This gives every learner access to higher authority, should he experience any problems. Class teachers continually monitor the progress of their charges in all spheres of school life.

Our relatively small school family enables us to monitor and guide each and every boy to achieve his goals, in all spheres of his school career.



Encouraging students to take responsibility

We are proud of the contributions made by our boys in a variety of fields associated with the functioning of our school. We believe that the willingness of our learners to take on these tasks bodes well for the future of our community as far as commitment and co-operation are concerned. We encourage our learners to accept responsibility for the society in which they live.

Leadership is an area that enjoys particular attention at KHS. Each year we hold an Executive Councillor Camp at one of the nearby river resorts. The purpose is to inculcate in these learners an awareness of teamwork and their leadership roles they should be fulfilling. Early in the school year, we hold a Grade 8 Camp at a similar venue to help integrate the new members of our school family. The senior student councillors take charge of all the arrangements and the large staff representation keeps a proprietary eye over events.



Delivering excellence

This school has a tradition of English Liberal Education – one that encourages boys to develop tolerance, self-discipline, critical thinking and a striving for excellence. One will definitely find a happy and healthy atmosphere in the school. KHS is still small enough to avoid unnecessary regimentation and to develop constructive and meaningful relationships between learners and staff. We insist on very high standards of neatness and courtesy from learners – however, it is preferable that this develops out of genuine respect and pride rather than being demanded from reluctant learners. Probably the single most important factor contributing to the ethos of the school is that it is the only Government English Medium High School in Kimberley, and thus takes in learners from the entire class spectrum of society.

We strive for a "balanced / all round" education - a concept that is very rarely realised in any school. We encourage EVERY learner to develop in four ways, primarily in the academic field, but also in physical, cultural and pastoral endeavours. Rugby matches and the swimming galas are the major spirit builders in the school year. Culturally, the annual major dramatic production is a highlight and the wind ensemble is a feature of the school. Probably the most striking and unique aspect of the school is the pastoral side. There is a special, somewhat fragile openness, which exists between the staff and learners. It is certainly the one aspect of the KHS ethos, which is nurtured and treasured.


Ceremonies are an integral part of the KHS school year: